This team has made our dream come true. While I know this sounds corny and cliché it is true for this little family of three. We had our first consultation with the team over two years ago. TWO YEARS AGO! Krystal & Ashley, you were incredibly forthcoming, kind, honest, genuine, and knowledgeable in the approach. You went over everything with us, all our wants, needs and desires. The things we could live with and could not live without. The things we would need to understand and how unprecedented the time of home buying we were walking into was. We stayed true to that list of wants, we hit a spot of “buyers’ fatigue '' as you called it, but Ashley stayed so strong with us. Ashley is so much more than a realtor she is someone who takes this on with you, she is as genuine as it gets and knows how to communicate with you to make sure you and your family are getting the best outcome. This really is potentially the biggest purchase you are making in your entire life. Ashley is someone who I can only hope is still doing this when my daughter is ready to purchase her first home, that is how strongly I believe in her and her process. I would trust her and the Kore team with my family for anything. I personally am a wildly anxious person and was not looking forward to this process. The word dread comes to mind. I can not believe how incredibly calm I was during this entire time, and I know that is because of Ashley and her honest and genuine approach. Never once did we feel like we were being “sold” ; we felt like we were being cared for. Honestly. I could carry on for pages with how much I appreciate Ashley and the Kore team for making this home buying process go so smoothly for us.

Matt & Melissa Higginbotham
Stow, OH