After closing on our new home we feel that we must bring to your attention, in writing, the outstanding customer service we received by Krystal Keck. Krystal did an outstanding job in providing us with a sense of trust and faith during our first experience in building a home. As you know, this experience is not always a positive one and we had many discussions with friends and family members who shared their concerns about the process of building a new home. Despite the concerns, we decided to build. What impressed us both about Krystal besides her knowledge skills and her professionalism is that she displayed a very genuine concern for our needs. This was extremely important in our decision making processes because we felt very comfortable in our conversations with her and that she was working hard for us so we would be happy. Without Krystal's impressive qualities, both of us doubt whether we would have taken the next steps in the process and we probably would have continued our search efforts until we achieved a desirable comfort level. Krystal's professionalism, her courteous attitude, her expert knowledge, her patience in handling our specific issues and her genuine concern for our needs were very important to us moving forward and building our new home.

Bob & Paula
Brunswick, Ohio